Welcome to MPower Energy

Welcome to MPower Energy

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Energy Costs & You

Introducing Choices: Energy Deregulation
Until the 1970s, practically all homes and businesses received their energy from a few large utility companies. Over the years, many states deregulated their natural gas and electricity markets to stimulate competition, lower costs, improve efficiency and encourage new technologies.

Protect Your Green!

How can you help save our planet each month?
Switch to MPower Energy!
MPower is now proud to offer energy service products that are derived from 100% renewable RECs!

That's how we are taking a step forward in protecting our environment and bettering our planet.

About MPower

At MPower, We're Customers First!
Our family-owned company has a unique understanding of homeowner and business budgets.

Why Switch?

Switch and help save the planet.
Energy deregulation has created a new and ever-more competitive market. Now homes and businesses can choose their own supplier of electricity, gaining the power to better control their energy budget.

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MPower Energy DBA MPE&G is an independent retail supplier of electricity and natural gas. The company is not affiliated with the utilities, the Maryland Public Service Commission, or any other government agency.