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Free energy is as easy as referring friends and family to MPower savings. When they choose us as their electricity provider, you'll start earning credits toward your own monthly supply costs.

Does not include delivery fees charged by the utility and applicable taxes.

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Take 25% off your energy costs for every 5 qualified customers that enroll—for up to 100% of your energy supply cost FREE!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Free Energy Program
Q: Do I have to be an MPower Agent to earn?
A: Not at all. Our free energy program is open to any MPower customer who refers 5 or more qualified accounts to our electricity service. Just be sure the accounts are enrolled using the link in your personal email or using your referral code. That’s how we’ll know to credit your account each month.
Q: How exactly do I earn credits?
A: When your first 5 qualified accounts enroll, we average their electricity usage and credit 25% of that average back to you—paying up to 25% of your electricity supply. When your next 5 enroll (10 total), we average their usage and credit up to another 25% to you (50% total). When your next 5 enroll (15 total), we credit up to another 25% to you (75% total). And when your next 5 enroll (20 total), we credit up to the remaining 25% to you (100% total).
Q: What is a “qualified referral”?
A: A qualified referral is a new customer with an active account and at least one completed bill cycle. As long as a minimum of 5 accounts stay with us, you can continue earning free energy for referring them!
Q: What is my “supply cost”?
A: Your supply cost is the cost of the actual energy you use in kilowatts-per-hour, multiplied by your rate. Free energy credits apply to this supply cost and not to delivery costs, taxes and other fees.
Q: What if I have more than 20 customers?
A: Having more than 20 active accounts is a great idea for two reasons: 1) The total average usage of your qualified referral accounts may be lower than yours. By increasing your referral count with higher usage customers you can reach the goal of 100% free electricity. 2) If someone leaves our service or moves to a non-MPower area, additional accounts ensure that you still get your free energy credit.
Q: Can I earn free gas credits too?
A: Currently, we only offer our free energy program on electricity accounts. To get an electricity credit, you need to maintain a minimum of 5 qualified electricity customers.
MPower Energy DBA MPE&G is an independent retail supplier of electricity and natural gas. The company is not affiliated with the utilities, the Maryland Public Service Commission, or any other government agency.